Zero Emissions Mission

Say no to sluggish and slow. At EDI we’re innovating drivetrain technology to deliver all the power and performance you’d expect from a conventional automobile, with the added benefit of all electric, zero emissions driving with hybrid extended range capabilities.

Enabling Customers Worldwide

EDI is powering some of the world’s largest brands across the globe with the industry’s broadest portfolio of drivetrain solutions. At EDI, customer requirements are never one size fits all -- we collaborate with our customers to develop solutions that are optimized for specific vehicle performance, regulatory compliance, and market requirements.

Mobile Megawatts

The power that puts our vehicles in motion can be exported and used to run electric equipment-up to 160 kilowatts-turning your vehicle into a rolling generator. EDI’s power to export (P2E) capabilities eliminate electric outages; provide critical power back up during disaster situations, eliminate or reduce downtime due to planned and unplanned outages, and can be used to run vehicle and job site tools. More power needed? A small fleet can provide a megawatt or more.

Gridable Vehicles

Our connected vehicle technology, vehicle to grid (V2G), enables electricity delivery to and from the grid. Drive in all-electric mode concern free: rapid charge your vehicle from the available power lines, or provide power to the electric grid to offload peak demands or enable repairs.

Hybrid & Electric Drivetrain Solutions
EDI solutions provide cost and efficiency advantages—increasing range and reducing fuel use and emissions.

Zero Emissions Vehicles
Custom-built prototype, proof-of-concept, and demonstration vehicles for Pluggable Hybrid Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Electric vehicles.

Exportable Power
Up to 160 kilowatts of exportable power for use in emergency situations, to speed utility repairs, or operate job site tools in remote locations. Read More...

EDI News & Events
EDI announces Series C Financing...